Here For The Food

Hey all! Kat here. This is my foodie blog where I talk about recipes I use in my Kitchen Princess book series, share original fiction and fanfiction, and babble about some of my favorite things to eat! Here you’ll find all things food!

About The Site:

KP Recipes – This tag will take you to recipes featured in my young adult debut, Kitchen Princess. Most are my own, some are from books, and some are from brilliant internet people (who will be credited). Enjoy!

Short Fiction – Original stories from the Kitchen Princess universe or other shorts I came up with on a whim! All involving, you guessed it, food!

Fanfiction – Just a fun series of weekly posts featuring my favorite old cartoon, Danny Phantom. Join Danny and crew every week for a new show about how food brings people together – more than ghosts do!

Kat Recommends – Cookbooks from both big house publishers and indie authors that I absolutely love!

About Me:

I’m a young adult author from the Midwest who has spent her entire career in the food service industry. I worked at a homestyle Italian restaurant with the best breadsticks for seven years. Spent some time at a five-star Marriott hotel restaurant where I learned a lot from executive chefs, including the best salmon recipe ever. Now I’m a manager at Panera where I design new and clean food for their menus.

I try to write in my spare time and I also read and review books!